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How to Adjust the Handlebars

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Learn how to adjust the handlebars for a more comfortable ride

Getting your handlebars in the right place will guarantee a more comfortable and efficient riding position

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In this video you will learn how to adjust your handlebars.

The height and position of your handlebars will affect your posture and therefore it is important to adjust thme properly to ensure maximum comfort.

The two typical cases are for casual riding and more intense road cycling Case 1: Leisure biking doesn't require much of a handlebar adjustment.

If you need to adjust, you'll probably need an allen key.

Most people generally tend to adjust only the height of the saddle.

If the handlebars are too low you could experience back pain If the handlebars are too high and the seat too low, you won't be efficient in terms of aerodynamics.

Case 2: Road cyclists prefer adjusting the handlebars as they bike for longer durations and at higher intensity levels.

The length of the stem can be easily adjusted up or down with an allen key.

Unscrew the top cap.

Remove the rings on top and pull out the handlebars and let them rest in front.

Add the rings and then place the handlebars over the rings.

Tighten the top cap with the allen key.

You could also tighten the side bolts of the headset.

Make sure the handlebars are well aligned with the front wheel when re-tightening.

You can also adjust the angle of the handlebars .

Loosen the bolts at the front of the headset.

Move the hoods up or down to a comfortable position and retighten the bolts.

Typically a relaxed rider will prefer a shorter reach and a competitive rider will opt for a longer reach.

As a general rule, the angle between the waist and the back should be around 45 degrees and 90 degress between the back and the arms.

When you are climbing you can be in a more relaxed position.

When you are descending you might want to slide your hands down and bend the back lower.

Don't persevere with a handlebar height or position that is uncomfortable.

Each individual has different levels of flexibility.

Identify your comfort zone and enjoy your ride.


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