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How to Ride Your Bike at Night

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Learn some great tips for seeing and being seen when cycling in the dark

Wanting to stay safe when riding out in the dark? This video's for you

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In this video you will learn how to ensure good night visibility.

It is absolutely indispensable that you can see clearly and be seen clearly by others.

The three key things you need to check are: the light, the rear reflector and the clothing Bike lights generally either flash or emit a steady beam - or do both.

The steady beam allows you to see, while the flashing kind allows you to see and be seen.

It is safer to have a flashing light in urban areas as it is more likely to catch the eye.

You can now even find bike lights which charge by USB cable As we have said, the most important thing is to be seen by other road-users.

This is why you should have both front and rear lights.

The rear reflector allows you to alert other road users of your presence.

Make sure it's clean and catches light properly.

It is important to wear clothing that is bright and reflective.

One solution is to wear a reflective outer jacket over your clothes Reflective backpack covers are also recommended You can also wear arm and leg reflective bands.

Remember that bright clothing is not a perfect substitue for reflective gear.

Appropriate lighting and gear are essential when you are riding in the dark.

Bear all the points mentioned in mind.

Ride safe and enjoy your ride.


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