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How to Lock a Bike

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Learn how to lock your bike and keep it secure in this video!

This is a video for anyone wanting to avoid bike theft.

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In this video you will learn how to lock your bike.

The three key points to remember are: the lock, the location and how to lock the bike.

The lock.

The two most common types of locks are the U or the D locks and the chain locks.

You can use an additional cable to secure the U or the chain locks.

You generally use a padlock to secure the bike with the U lock and the cable lock.

We recommend rubberized U Locks as the lock most likely to deter thieves The location.

Ideally you want to choose a location that is well-lit and busy, with plenty of people around.

This will reduce the chance of theft considerably.

Make sure that you are legally allowed to lock your bike in your chosen location before doing so.

The support.

Ideally you want to lock your bike against a bike rack.

Lock your bike between other bikes if possible.

There's safety in numbers and a thief will have less room to access your bike If you don't have a bike rack closeby, lock your bike around something that is firmly fastened to the ground.

Find a post that is tall enough or a metal rail so that the bike cannot simply be lifted over.

Otherwise your bike will be an easy target for thieves! Locking the bike.

People often tend to lock the bike around the top tube.

This makes it easy for thieves to use the bike frame as leverage to attempt to break the lock.

For the same reason, you should also make sure that your lock fits tightly, with little free space around the support, and stays off the ground.

Finally, many bikes now have quick-release wheels and this method of locking will leave them unprotected.

Use the U lock and take it around the frame and the back wheel.

If you would like to secure the front wheel as well you can use a cable lock.

Do not lock the cable into the U lock.

If the U lock is broken it would be easy get rid of the cable as well.

You may also want to take the cable lock through your saddle as well to ensure it is protected Don't forget to remove any accessories on the bike.

Your bike is now secure.

Enjoy your ride .

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