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Synchronise your Arm Strokes and Leg Kicks

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Get the timing right between your upper and lower body during breaststroke.

This video is part of a series on breastroke. Move on to the next one to learn about the perfect entry of the head and shoulders into the water

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Breaststroke: synchronising your arm and leg movements.

In this video, you will learn how to synchronise your leg and arm movements in breaststroke. This will help to make your swim more dynamic and to boost your speed.

We will look at this synchronisation by studying different sequences; an example of bad synchronisation followed by the correct method.

First of all, here is a synchronisation that you should avoid: perform the pushing movement with your arms at the same time as the folding of your legs.

This is a poor stroke, as the push phase of your arms is faster than the folding motion of your legs. They should therefore be performed one after the other and not simultaneously, or you risk losing speed.

Now we will look at the correct sequence in 3 steps. Begin with an arm thrust

Then follow this with the folding of your legs

Finally, push your arms forward so that they are straight in line with your body and stretch your legs out at the same time.

This synchronisation method in 3 steps allows you to respect the timing of each motion.

To synchronise your arms and legs properly, keep in mind the sequence of these three steps; pushing with your arms, then folding your knees and finally kicking with your legs and bringing your arms back out in front. Over to you !


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