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How to do a Flip Turn When Swimming

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Learn how to do a flip turn when swimming breaststroke

The flip turn is a key to maintain speed and be more efficient during the breastroke

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Breaststroke: How to do a turn

In this video, you'll learn how to do a turn when doing breaststroke. Doing a turn in breaststroke saves even more time than in front or back crawl, because the movement can be done so much faster when compared to the stroke itself

We'll look at how to do a turn in three steps: approaching the side of the pool, the turn itself, and resuming breaststroke after gliding.

Firstly, approaching the side of the pool. When you get close to the side, stop your arm movements

Touch the side with both hands together, at the same height

Secondly, the turn. After touching the side, plunge one of your hands underwater, pointing it towards the opposite end of the pool

Tuck your legs under your torso and place your feet against the side

Next, plunge your other hand underwater, pointing it in the same direction as your first outstretched hand

Thirdly, resuming breaststroke. Push against the side and let yourself glide along underwater until you start to lose momentum

Get into the torpedo position, meaning your chin is tucked into your chest and your hands are together, outstretched and in line with your body

Now, do one stroke, pulling your arms back and to your sides, whilst simultaneously giving a thrust with both legs together

Keep your chin tucked into your chest and glide again, using the momentum created by the movement of your arms

Finally, give a thrust with your legs to come back up to the surface, moving your arms back in front of you

To do a turn whilst doing breaststroke, remember to coordinate these three steps: the approach, the turn, and resuming the stroke. Over to you!


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