How to Swim Breaststroke - SikanaHow to Swim Breaststroke - SikanaHow to Swim Breaststroke - Sikana
How to Swim Breaststroke - SikanaHow to Swim Breaststroke - SikanaHow to Swim Breaststroke - Sikana
Pierrick Le Floch - Sikana Expert

Pierrick Le Floch

Ex-swimmer from the French National Swimming Team, coach and trainer for children, teenagers and adults at the Hendaye Swimming Club.


Follow these 13, simple and easy-to-follow to learn how to swim the breaststroke.
This program is designed to introduce to the breaststroke gradual way, taking from the basic technique, through to advanced exercises to perfect the stroke. The videos decompose the stroke into its basic elements for an easier learning progress which can help you target your weakest points. Follow the program through in its order to get a fully-rounded learning experience and to learn quickly and have fun at the same time!
The exercises we show you are designed predominantly for beginners who are new to swimming the breaststroke, though they are equally useful to any swimmer looking to brush up on the basics.
The program was created in partnership with Decathlon and in collaboration with Pierrick le Flock a professional swimming coach who specialises in teaching the breaststroke specifically.
The programs comprises 4 chapters: Warming up; the Basic Techniques; Exercises to Improve your Breastroke Technique; and Warming Down after swimming.
This is an excellent stroke for beginner swimmers and allows the individual to grow in confidence in the water since the face is not constantly submerged. It’s also a great all-body workout and is a stroke that you can keep up over longer distances than the backstroke and front crawl which cause swimmers to fatigue more quickly. Over to you!

Program details

Viewing time: 27 min

Number of video(s): 13

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