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Swimming: Basic Technique

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Learn the basics of a perfect breastroke swimming technique

It's the first in our breastroke program. Keep going with the rest of the videos to progress

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Breaststroke: learning the basics

In this video, you are going to learn the basic technique of breaststroke. Breaststroke differs from other strokes in swimming because the movements of arms and feet aren't done at the same time. It's also the only stroke where the legs are more important than the arms in terms of moving forward. It is therefore important that you master the techniques of these different movements.

We are going to introduce to you the arm movement, the entrance of arms and head in the water, the leg movement and the synchronisation of the arms and legs.

Firstly, the arm movement. Position your arms and your legs, outstretched and in-line with your body, keeping your head underwater

Move your arms away from one another.

Push your hands backwards to your shoulders so that make a circular motion

Then bring them together underneath your chin.

Secondly, the entrance of your arms and head into the water

When you push your hands back, bring your head out of the water and inhale

Put your head back underwater when you push your arms forward.

Thirdly, the leg movement, which is a three-step sequence.

Bend your legs at the same time, whilst bringing your heels towards your buttocks.

Spread your feet out to the sides, toes pointing outwards slightly

Finally, kick your legs out and then bring them back together in one fluid motion to propel yourself forward

Fourthly the synchronisation of arms and legs.

Here again, order the movements in 3 steps: the pulling of arms, the folding of legs, and finally the extension of your legs and the return of the hands, outstretched and in-line with the body.

To start, here's a trick: you can carry out these breaststroke movements out of the water and on your back. This allows you to better analyse your arm and leg movements.

Now you know the basic arm and leg movements of breaststroke. To better work on them, you can watch our videos on improving the arm movement, the entry of the arms and head into the water, the leg movement, the synchonisation of the arms and legs, and learn how to do a flip turn in breaststroke.


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