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Swimming: Improve your Leg Movements

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Learn how to improve your leg stroke action when swimming the breastroke

This video breaks down the lower body movement of the breastroke for a more powerful thrust

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Breaststroke: Improve your leg thrusts

In this video, you'll learn how to improve your leg thrusts when swimming breaststroke. In breaststroke, the legs play an essential part in propelling you forward. Mastering your leg thrusts therefore makes your swim faster and be more efficient in the water

For this activity, you'll need two pool noodles

The position of your legs and feet plays a big part in improving your thrusts

We'll divide this video into two steps: leg thrusts on your back, and then on your front

Firstly, on your back

This exercise aims to strengthen your leg muscles, which play an important part when you're doing leg thrusts

Take a float under each arm to keep your head above the water, and lie back. This allows you to observe the movements of your legs and feet

Bend your legs and then push your feet underwater. Your knees should be underwater too.

Bend your knees so that they're facing inwards, and your feet are pointing outwards

Bend your feet at the ankle, then push out with your legs, making sure the movement is symmetrical

Repeat this as many times as you like

This exercise strengthens your leg muscles

Now, on your front

This exercise helps to improve the bend of your feet at the ankle during your leg thrusts

Position yourself upright against the side of the pool, a float underneath each arm

Lie forwards, with your legs bent and slightly apart. Place your feet flat against the side. Use the floats to keep your balance

Now, your feet are flexed the way they should be during a leg thrust. Push off from the wall and let yourself glide foward

Repeat this movement three times, bending your legs and flexing your feet correctly

This exercise allows you to work on flexing your feet during breaststroke

To improve your leg thrusts when doing breaststroke, work on the flexing of your feet and the propelling movement on your back, then on your front. Over to you!


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