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Swimming: Improve your Arm Movements

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Learn how to improve your arm stroke action when swimming the breastroke

This video breaks down the upper body movement of the breastroke. Proceed to the next to master the leg movement

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In this video, you're going to learn to improve the thrust of your arm movements when you do breaststroke. Well executed arm movements make it easier to glide through the water and to perform better.

We're going to breakdown the thrust of your arm movements into 2 stages: the propulsion stage and the pulling stage

Firstly, the pulling stage. With your hands outstretched in front of you, hollow them hands into a cup, keep your fingers together.

Turn your palms around and push. For this, move your hands away by straightening your elbows and directing your hands towards the bottom of the pool.

Bring your arms back. Your elbows should not go behind your shoulders.

It's at this moment when your head comes naturally out of the water. In the same movement, bring your hands together at your chest.

Secondly, the thrusting stage. Keep your shoulders pulled up and the palms of your hands together. Direct them slowly downwards to ease their entry into the water.

Stretch out your arms keeping your hands together. Glide your hands through the water just underneath the surface, keeping your palms together.

Direct your palms towards the bottom of the pool as soon as your arms are completely outstretched.

In order to improve the thrust of your arm movements in breaststroke, follow these 2 phases: thrust and traction. Over to you!


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