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Swimming Technique: Legs

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Learn some useful drills to improve your leg movements in breaststroke

This video is for any swimmer looking to improve their breaststroke technique

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Breaststroke: Improving your leg movements.

In this video, you will learn how to improve your leg movements in breaststroke. Well executed leg movements are essential in breaststroke to propel yourself forwards.

For this exercise, you will need a pull-buoy.

There are two exercises that will help you to improve your leg movements in breaststroke: improving the efficiency of your propulsion and the positioning of your legs.

First of all, the efficiency of your propulsion. Lie on your front in the water, and begin by making an arm motion.

Then, get into a streamlined position. This means your arms should be stretched straight out ahead in line with your body and your head underwater. Follow this with two leg motions.

Repeat the exercise; one arm motion followed by two leg motions. This allows you to focus the exercise on the efficiency of your leg motions.

Secondly, the positioning of your legs.

Place a pull-buoy between your thighs, then swim the breaststroke, all the while employing the correct leg motions.

The pull-buoy helps to learn to avoid common errors of moving your legs apart too far and bending your knees too much,

In order to improve your leg movements in breaststroke, remember these two exercises: keeping a streamlined position and practicing your leg movements with a pull-buoy. Over to you !


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