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Swimming Technique: Arms 1/2

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Learn a few great swimming drills for better arm movements

Don't forget to check out part 2/2 for more great arm swimming drills

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Breaststroke: Exercises to improve you arm movements 1/2

In this video, you will learn 2 useful exercises for improving your arm movements in breaststroke. Improving these movements will allow you to better propel yourself and to avoid injury.

For this exercise, you will need a pull-buoy.

We will show you two exercises that allow you to improve your overall posture and the positioning of your elbows.

First exercise; posture. Place a pull-buoy between your thighs. Break down your arm motions, maintaining each position for one second.

the outwards thrust

bringing your hands back towards the chest

extending your arms forwards

Second exercise, the positioning of your elbows. Keep the pull-buoy between your thighs.

Swim forwards, making sure you touch your sides with you elbows once with every stroke.

Now you know how to improve your arm motions in breaststroke. Over to you !


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