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How to grow small seeds in a tray or flat, part 2

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Learn how to sow seedlings and small seeds in a flat tray bed

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About 1-2 weeks after sowing your seeds in the first flat, they should have sprouted and grown their first two leaves.

It's time to transplant the seedlings in a second flat

where they will be able to develop before being transplanted in the garden.

For this you will need: a new plant tray or flat, a bucket of homemade soil containing one part compost and one part garden bed soil, a measuring stick marked at 4cm (1.5 in), a knife and a watering can.

plant tray or flat

bucket of soil

measuring stick


watering can

Step 1: Start by filling the flat with soil.

Step 2: Plant the seedlings using the staggered spacing system of planting, placing them about 4cm apart using your measuring stick.

This will give the seedlings enough space to get the necessary light and nutrients.

Using the knife, remove a seedling from the first flat and hold it gently by its leaves.

Plant the knife in the new flat and place the seedling into the hole.

Be sure to keep the roots straight. Continue this step for the entire flat.

Step 3: Gently water the seedlings, like this.

Step 4: Now, place the plant flat in a greenhouse or other similar location.

They will continue to grow until they are ready to be transplanted into your garden beds.


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