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How to water plants with a garden hose

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In this lesson you will learn how to properly water plants with a garden hose.

In order to grow, all plants need nutrients, sun and water.

The water is absorbed by the soil, where it then travels to the plant's roots. It is then distributed throughout the plant via the stem.

It is therefore essential to keep your soil moist in order to facilitate healthy plant growth.

Use a the hose nozzle and spray upwards, to mimic the effect of rain.

The water will have time to absorb oxygen and other elements contained in the air, such as nitrogen.

Observe your climate and your soil to determine the amount of watering necessary for healthy plant growth.

The moisture levels of the soil need to be maintained in the first 15 cm or 6 inches below the surface.

The soil should not be too soaked or muddy, which could suffocate the roots and generate the appearance of diseases.

The edges of the garden beds are more exposed to wind and sun, which accelerates evaporation, so be sure to water them thoroughly.

Now here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Don't aim the spray directly at the plants, because this can damage the leaves and fruit, as well as accelerate the onset of slaking crust and compact the soil.

Don't move from the wrist as this will waste your energy and cause you to tire faster. Also avoid tensing or hunching your shoulders.

Be sure to keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed.

To reduce evaporation and save water, it is best to water in the early morning or evening.

Watering your garden in full sunlight can damage your plants.

The soil preparation is another important factor.

Loose soil will absorb water more easily but will be more exposed to evaporation.

However, compacted soil will not absorb water and can create soil erosion.


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