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How to make fertilizer from comfrey

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In this lesson we will learn how to make fertilizer from comfrey.

Comfrey is a plant recognized for possessing a number of qualities, including medicinal use and use in the garden.

Fermented comfrey extract is rich in nitrogen and potassium. It is used to help plants produce more flowers and fruit, as a natural insecticide, and as a compost activator. There are several ways to make fertilizer from comfrey. Here we will share with you a simple method which is easy to replicate

For this, we will need,

A bucket, pruning shears, a stick, water and a tea towel or cloth.

Stage 1: Collect 1 kilo of comfrey leaves, preferably young leaves just before they start to flower, as that is when they are full of nutrients and minerals. Cut the leaves at the base of the plants. Be careful not to pick other plants which could affect the decomposition process.

Stage 2: Clean the bucket with a brush if it is dirty. Don’t use a metal bucket.

Now we are going to make the fertilizer. To do this we mix 1 kilo of comfrey leaves with 10 litres of water. It is best to use rain water, but if you don’t have any then tap water is OK. Stir the mixture well and cover it with a cloth or lid.

Stage 3: Place the bucket in the shade at a stable temperature of between 18 and 25 degrees centigrade

Stage 4: Stir the mixture every two days. Bubbles will appear after several days, which is a sign that the mixture is starting to ferment. After about two weeks the liquid will be entirely covered with white bubbles. That’s the sign you are looking for. The fermentation process will reach its maximum after a few more days and the bubbles will disappear. Now it is time for you to filter the mixture.

Stage 5: Now, in order to filter the solution, we will need another bucket, a colander, and a cloth.

[NOT SAID IN FRENCH VO] Lift up the stems using the garden hand fork or another appropriate utensil. Place the colander on the bucket covered by the cloth and pour the solution through it.

Stage 6: You can keep the fertilizer in closed containers. It can be preserved for several months in the right conditions.

Stage 7: The residual waste can be thrown on the compost heap.

Now that the fertilizer is ready let’s see how to use it.

Comfrey fertilizer is a concentrated product and you must dilute it before use

Diluted to a concentration of 5%, you can water your plants with it. It will help them to produce fruit and flowers, and it is best used in combination with fertilizer made from nettles. Diluted between 10 and 20%, it is a powerful fertilizer rich in nitrogen, potassium and calcium. It contains a number of trace elements that stimulate bacterial life in the soil. Used in its pure form you can spray it on your compost heaps, which speeds up the decomposition process and adds nutrients and minerals.


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