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How to water seedlings

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In this lesson, we will teach you how to water seedlings.

Seedlings are young plants, which are fragile and sensitive to their environment.

They must be watered once or twice a day, depending on the weather conditions. Ideally, the seedlings should be watered at noon and in the evening, if located in a shady area.

While watering, try to imitate the rain.

If you’re using a watering can, pour the water carefully and evenly so as not to inundate the soil.

When watering with a hose, use a low pressure and aim the nozzle upward.

Note that you should not spray the water directly onto the plants.

Now we’ll show you a simple a test to determine whether the flats are properly watered.

Place your finger in the soil like this.

Take note of the soil’s moisture. It should be even throughout the depth of the flat.

The soil should not stick to your finger when you remove it.

These conditions promote healthy plant growth.

In this flat, the soil is dry, so the seedlings are weak.

You’ll notice that the finger test also indicates dryness in the soil. This flat needs more water.

In this flat, we have the opposite condition. You’ll notice that the soil is very wet and black. There are also water droplets on the leaves.

Here, the finger test indicates that there is too much moisture in the soil.

In these conditions, plants are at risk for developing diseases, harmful fungi, rot, and root suffocation.

Try to balance the humidity and be sure to tend to your seeds regularly.


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