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How to single dig

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In this lesson, we will teach you the process of single digging.

Single digging loosens the soil at a depth of 30 centimeters, or about one foot.

This improves the plants' health, since they need less effort to grow their roots than with compacted soil. The water is easily absorbed by the soil and made available to the roots. This practice also facilitates gas exchange within the soil and makes it easier to catch by the plants' roots.

Step 1: Start by stringing off the bed's parameters.

Step 2: Stand at one end of the bed.

Be careful not to walk in the growing area.

During all physical efforts, make sure to always keep your back straight.

Step 3: Place the heel of your shoe against the digging fork head, keeping the handle against your leg.

Use your weight to push the digging fork into the soil

When done properly, you don't need to use any strength.

If rocks or compacted soil obstruct your path, simply move the digging fork back and forth while keeping your body weight on the fork.

Be careful not to use too much strength when inserting the digging fork into the soil.

Step 4: Loosen the soil by transferring your body weight downwards. Do not use excessive force, and keep your back straight.

Step 5: Drag the fork backwards approximately 30 centimeters. Note that you don't need to life the digging fork between each turn.


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