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How to build a flat seedbed tray

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In this lesson you will find out how to build a wooden seedbed.

You will need:

- 10mm (0.4") thick wooden planks to build the edges of the tray.

- One 5mm (0.2") thick wooden plank for the base.

Make sure to choose rot-proof and non treated wood.

You will also need:

- a measuring tape

- a pencil

- a set square

- a hand-saw

- a hammer and around a dozen nails

In this particular example, we are going to be building a tray 60cm (23") long, 30cm (11.5") wide and 7cm (2.7") deep.

60cm (23"), 30cm, (11.5") 7cm (2.7")

Mark the planks you need to build the edges.

Saw through the planks making sure to follow the marks. Those will be used for the edges of the tray.

Now mark and saw through the planks to make the base of the tray.

You will need two 60cm (23") by 7cm (2.7") planks

and two 28cm (11") by 7cm (2.7") planks

60cm (23"), 28cm (11"), 7cm (2.7")

Now you can nail the different parts together starting with the edges

followed by the base

Remember to leave a gap between both planks to allow for the water to drain away.

If there is insufficient drainage, drill some holes in the bottom of the tray.


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