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How to grow large seeds in a tray or flat

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Maija Wallace - Sikana
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In this video we will show you how to grow large seeds in plant trays or flats.

There are two methods, depending on the size of the seed.

Here we will focus on large seeds that can be easily planted one-by-one.

In this tutorial, we will use sunflower seeds.

First, you'll need:

A plant flat or tray. This one is 35cm wide and 50 cm long and 7cm deep. (6 in wide x 14 in long x 3 in deep).

You'll also need chicken wire with spaces approximately 3.5cm (1.5 in) big.

A bucket of homemade soil made of one part garden bed soil and one part compost

and a watering can.

plant flat

chicken wire

bucket of soil

watering can

Step 1: Fill the flat with soil.

Step 2: Place the chicken wire over top of the soil and place a seed in each hole.

This will allow your plants to be equally spaced.

When the seeds are planted with enough space between them, they can get the light, water, and nutrients that they need for healthy development.

Step 3: After covering the flat with a thin layer of soil, use the watering can to lightly sprinkle some water over the seeds.

Step 4: Remember to label the flats.

Indicate the plant's species, variety, seed source and date of planting.

Step 5: Place the flats in a greenhouse or similar location for growing.

The plants need certain conditions for germination.

Step 6: A few days before transplanting the plants, remove the flats from the greenhouse and place them outdoors.

Plants need to adapt to the local climate before being transplanted.

This method of growing seedlings offers many advantages.

It optimizes your use of your garden beds.

Seeds can grow in the flats while the plants in the garden mature.

When transplanting the plants, you'll be able to select only the strongest and healthiest. This practice increases the overall health of your garden.

You'll also save a lot of water.

For several weeks, you'll only have to water one flat containing enough plants to cover several square meters.


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