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How to Hold Road Bike Handlebars

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In this video, you will learn how to properly hold the handlebars on a road bike.

This video is designed to motivate beginners to learn about road cycling.

There are 3 main positions you can adopt on the drop-down handlebars of most road bikes - learn when and how to use them with our free video!

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How to Hold the Handlebars on a Road Bike

In this video you will learn how to hold the handlebars.

The three different places you would generally hold the handlebars are: the hoods, the drops and and the tops.

The hoods.

Most of the riding is generally done on the hoods.

This is the most comfortable position for long distances as there is less strain on the back.

The hands are close to the brakes and the gear shifts allowing you to slow down or change gears quickly.

You can also ride out of the saddle with the hands on the hoods.

Be careful on uneven roads or while cornering as your hand can slip out of position.

The tops.

On steady and long climbs, people generally hold the tops.

This position also allows you to relax your back muscles.

When you ride in traffic or in a group avoid holding the tops as your hands are too far away from the brakes to be able to react quickly The drops.

Holding the drops puts you in the most aerdoynamic position and is ideal for descents as it offers you great control and stability.

The hands are close to the brakes and you also have a good leverage for increased braking power.

The drops position can be a little rough on your back, but over time you should get used to it.

When you want to sprint, you can ride out of the saddle holding the drops.

Remember to keep your elbows tucked in.

Practice riding with the hands in the different positions till you are at ease with each one of them.

Enjoy your ride.


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