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How to Avoid Knee Pain

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This video teaches a few simple adjustments you can make to your cycling to avoid knee pain

This video is for anyone experiencing knee pain when they cyce. It also gives beginners some tips on how to avoid knee pain which is a common complaint amongst road cyclists

Knee pain when out road cycling can come from numerous causes. If you consistently have pain in your knees when you cycle, see a health professional.

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In this video you will learn how to avoid knee pain.

Knee pain is a common problem and adjusting your saddle height could help The two most common pains are in the front and the back of the knee.

A low saddle height places more stress on the front of the knee as you tend to use your quadriceps extensively.

If the pain is in front of the knee, stop cycling.

Loosen the bolt with an allen key and pull up the saddle.

Make sure you tighten it well so that it doesn't come down while cycling.

You can also push the saddle back a little so that you are in the optimal position when you pedal.

Loosen the bolt right below the seat.

Tap the seat backward and tighten the bolt.

If the pain is behind the knee, your saddle is probably a little high.

As you reach out for the pedal, you will tend to strain your hamstring.

Stop cycling to adjust the height of the seat.

Lower the saddle with the help of an allen key.

You can also push the saddle slightly forward.

Loosen the bolt below the saddle.

Tap the seat in front and tighten the bolt.

Attention: Knee pain may come from other sources such as poorly-fitting shoes Don't persevere with a saddle height that is uncomfortable.

Each individual has different levels of flexibility.

Identify your comfort zone and enjoy your ride.

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