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How to Sprint on a Road Bike

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In this video you'll learn how to sprint on a road bike when cycling

This is a useful technique to master, expecially during competitive cycling events when a sprint finish is the difference between winning and losing!

Learning to sprint efficiently and with maximum power can take practice so be sure to watch the video!

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In this video you'll learn some key tips on sprinting. It's important to know how to conserve your energy in the run-up to the final few hundred metres of a race.

Stay back in the slipstream of other riders so that you can draft - refer to our video on drafting for more details - then break out into a sprint at the right moment.

(remember that) Wind resistance plays a huge part in affecting your speeds when cycling Knowing when to sprint is key.

If you're riding uphill or into a headwind, for example, you may want to hold off from sprinting a little longer to avoid fading out prematurely Similarly, picking the right gear is also important for great sprinting; you don't want to have worry about shifting gears when you're going flat out.

As for body position, you want to be as small and therefore as aerodynamic as possible.

You should be crouched forward out of the saddle, the head low but still looking ahead, the arms tucked in, and the hands low on the drops.

Add force from the arms not just the legs - rock the bike from side to side to generate even more power.

Hold a straight line to avoid crossing wheels with another racer and crashing Once you've started, commit to the sprint no matter what - don't slow down until you're well past the finishing line as races can be won in fractions of a second.

Practice your sprints in different gears and with different surface and weather conditions to improve Enjoy your ride!.


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