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In this video, you will discover the essential cycle gear, equipment, clothing and accessories you'll need when road cycling.

This video is aimed at beginners interested in getting started in road cycling.

Here we show you the basic equipment so that you can cycle comfortably and safely in all conditions.

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video, you will learn about the different clothing and gear you'll need when out on a longer ride.

The clothing. Adjust your clothing depending on the weather conditions.

In all conditions, try to choose light or reflective clothing for maximum visibility.

Bike jerseys are lightweight and breathable.

Most have pockets on the back so that you can reach for essential items easily whilst riding.

Cycling shorts are often tight-fitting to avoid chafing.

Most have a extra padding in the seat for added comfort when out on long rides.

Clipless shoes are favoured by most road cyclists.

These shoes have cleats which clip into specially-designed pedals on your bike.

For more on this, see the video: "How to unclip and clip your shoe" Safety gear.

As always, it is recommended to wear a well-fitting helmet on all rides Lights are also important for seeing, and to be seen.

You'll also need to have a few essential emergency repair items in the event of an accident or mechanical problem.

For more on the tools you need, refer to our video: "Take-Along ToolKit" But the essentials are: a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit, a pump, and a multitool with various sizes of screws and allen keys for quick adjustments.

Don't forget to take some money and your mobile phone.

You now know about all the equipment and items you'll need.

Enjoy your ride!.


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