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How to Ride in a Group

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In this video, you'll learn how to ride in a group or bunch

This video is designed to introduce and familiarise beginners with riding in a group when road cycling

Group riding is a huge part of advanced road cycling. It's great being out on the road together but there are a few basic principles to master to keep everyone in the bunch safe.

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In this video you will learn to how to ride in a group, or bunch.

It's a fun and energy-efficient way of riding which offers more safety than being solo out on the road.

One of the most common formations is the double paceline, where cyclists ride in a line of pairs.

This provides great wind shelter for the entire bunch The formation will rotate so that the group leaders, who have to work hardest to set the pace and drive through the wind, are constantly changing.

Smaller groups may ride single file - this often depends on external factors such as the weather and road conditions Always look ahead.

Anticipation of the road is crucial for safe riding.

See the video on how to draft for more details on group cycling Keep your movements smooth, and your hands on the brakes at all times.

Refer to the video: How to hold the handlebars, for more on this.

Never overlap wheels with the rider in front.

Always stay behind and off to the side.

Increase your distance in wet conditions or if you're not too confident at first Don’t leave riders behind.

For example on hard climbs, or if a rider gets a puncture, Either stop and wait as a group, or make sure someone does.

Communication is key.

Getting out of the saddle momentarily slows the bike which could be dangerous for the rider behind, so check you have sufficient clearance before standing up.

check outour video on how to climb Don't forget to encourage and suport fellow riders when they need it.

It could be you who needs it next.

Enjoy your ride!.


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