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How to Climb Hills

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In this video, you'll learn basic techniques to climb a hill on a road bike when cycling

This tutorial video if for any road cyclists looking to work on their climbing technique.

Climbing is always tough but you'll be able to master the correct technique with our video!

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video you will learn how to climb. The three key things to remember are: the position, the breathing, the pace and the nutrition.

Being seated is the most efficient way to climb.

You could shift your weight back slightly for maximum leverage on the pedals.

Hold the tops on the handlebars.

Drop your elbow and relax the upper body.

This position allows you to breathe freely.

Don't move from side to side when you are riding in the saddle, or grip the handlebars too tightly, as it will tire you out without adding any momentum.

However you might want to get out of the saddle for steep and short climbs.

This will allow you to accelerate and also ease the strain on the back and the hips.

Remember to switch to a harder gear when you do to maintain a regular cadence since you can pedal with greater force out of the saddle Try to find a regular breathing rhythm: synchronize it with your pedal strokes.

A regular breathing cycle will pump in more oxygen into your body and increase your efficiency.

Pacing is extremely important.

Often people tend to start out too fast and get tired half-way through the climb.

Start at a comfortable pace on long climbs and increase your effort gradually if you have excess energy.

The recommended cadence is generally between 70 to 100 revolutions per mintues, but is important to listen to your body as as this is the best way to optimize your efforts.

A hard gear and low cadence are inefficient.

You will strain your back and leg muscles unnessarily.

Make sure you drink enough water and eat something every hour - dry fruits, cereal bars, fruits or anything to get some carbohydrates.

For more on this, see the video: "How to fuel your ride: On-Bike Hydration and Nutrition" Always be aware of other cyclists and other vehicles on the road To negotiate climbs, you must be physically and mentally tough.

If you're riding with friends, remember to keep up the encouragement.

Enjoy your ride.


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