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Check your Bike Before Riding

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It is important to do regular bike checks before every ride. Discover the basic steps with this video.

This video is for newcomers to road cycling and aims to show a few quick way of ensuring a safe and smooth ride

Just a few minutes checking your bike before you set off road cycling could prevent injury and damage!

KAST "Paradize" Published by Alter K

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In this video, you'll learn how to inspect your bike before going out on an ride. Make sure you have the appropriate safety gear such as helmets and lights, as well as the tool and materials you might need for roadside repairs.

For more on this, see our series: "Roadside Bike Maintenance and Emergency Repair" The most important thing to check are the brakes.

Lift the wheel and spin it.

The wheel should spin freely with no wobble and then stop spinning as soon as you squeeze the brakes.

Test both wheels.

You can also squeeze both brakes and push the bike forward to check if the brakes are functioning properly.

Brake pads shouldn't be worn, and both should contact the rim squarely at the same time.

The tyres should be inflated to the correct pressure - normally indicated on the sidewall itself.

Note that most small handpumps will struggle to attain this pressure for a lot of road bikes.

The tyres should have a good, unworn tread.

There shouldn't be any cuts or tears.

Pluck the spokes lightly to make sure they're tight.

Loose spokes will cause the wheel to spin unevenly The quick-release skewer or wheel bolts should be tightly secured The frame should have no cracks in it.

Check the joints of the frame as well.

Headset bolts should be tightened so that the handlebars don't slip The should be no creaking or rocking of the headset bearing when the handlebars are turned from side to side The Seat post should be tight and shouldn't slip Run through your gears to check the front and rear derailleurs are working properly The cranks should be on tight and should spin smoothly.

Check the pedals as well.

The chain should be be well greased but not too caked in grime.

Make sure there is no grease on the rims as this will prevent the brakes from functioning properly.

A quick bike check can avoid emergency roadside repairs and will ensure your safety.

Enjoy your ride!.


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