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Swimming Techniques: Arm Movements

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Here you'll how to learn how to perfect your arm movements when swimming front crawl

This free video will help you master your arm strokes for the front crawl. Move on to the next video in this series when you are ready!

Getting the arm movements right when swimming the front crawl is important for an efficient swimming technique.

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Front crawl: Learning the arm movements.

In this video you will learn how to use your arms correctly in front crawl.

This is the main way in which you propel yourself forwards.

There are 3 stages to your arm movements: catching the reach , the underwater downswing and the return.

First of all: reaching your arm out in front.

Start by extending your arm in front of you.

Bring your hand into the water, keeping it in line with your shoulder.

In order to reduce water resistance, your body should pivot on its axis.

To do this, the rotation of your pelvis is done in sync with that of your shoulders, and begins at the moment your arm enters the water.

Secondly, the downswing.

In order to propel yourself forwards, push your arm through the water back towards your body without bending your wrist.

You should start to feel the water's resistance as soon as you begin this movement

Then, bend your elbow to allow the hand to pass under your body along its axis.

The most effective motion will push the water behind you, not towards the bottom of the pool.

Keep this movement going all the way towards the back, elbow bent, until it is level with your thigh, with as much force as possible, until your arm becomes completely straight.

Remember to pivot your body to follow the movement of your arms,

Except when taking a breath, keep your head perfectly still looking at the bottom of the pool.

Thirdly, the return out of the water

Once your hand is out of the water, bring it forwards, keeping your elbow raised higher than your hand

Make sure your underarm is lifted out of the water during this motion.

To summarise, in front crawl, the arm movement is performed in 3 stages: the initial reach out, the forceful downsing to propel yourself, and the return out of the water

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