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In this video you will learn some swimming tips and training exercises for a better front crawl

These tips are designed to help you improve your front crawl technique. Find more free swimming videos in the Front Crawl Playlist and on our website

Try the "catch-up" drill we present in this video to really get your front crawl swimming technique perfect!

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The Catch-up Drill

In this video, you will discover the catch-up drill.

This exercise allows you to improve your stroke in the front crawl, in working with the position of your arms and the force of propulsion.

This exercise will break down the movement in forcing you to work with one arm after the other.

First, take off with both arms extended in front.

Begin the stroke of the crawl with one arm.

Perform a complete cycle in order to return to the starting position with both hands extended

The extended arm should be stretched in front of the body, following the line of the shoulder

Since it assures the direction of your movement, make sure to point your fingers toward the front in line with the right

It is only once both hands are back to the same advanced position that you may begin a new propulsion movement with the other arm.

In having one hand fixed out in front, your equilibrium is more difficult to maintain.

The more you develop a strong force of propulsion, the more you will be able to stabilize yourself.

With the exception of each breath, keep your head perfectly still - head down, looking at the bottom of the pool.

In summary, you can improve your stroke in the crawl by observing the two recommendations of this drill: hold one arm stretched in front of the body and carry out one complete armstrokewith the other.

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