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How to Stretch and Warm Down

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Learn how to warm up and stretch muscles and joints after swimming

Stretching and warming down are recommended after swimming to avoid aches, pains and injury

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In this video you will learn how to stretch after swimming. The stretches allow you to avoid any muscle stiffness and to maintain your flexibility.

We will show you 3 stretching techniques: arm stretches, leg stretches and back stretches.

Firstly, arm stretches. Spread your arms to each side and extend your fingers, palms facing down.

Bend your wrists and move the backs of your hands towards your face, whilst keeping the arms extended.

Maintain this position for 5 deep breaths. This exercise will stretch the forearms and the biceps.

Next, stretches for the quadriceps in the legs. From a kneeling position, lean back and place your hands on the ground behind the feet.

Push the pelvis up.

Maintain this position for 5 deep breaths

Finally, back stretches. Get onto all-fours. Lift you chin to look up . The back will naturally curve inwards

Breathe out deeply whilst rounding your upper back in the other direction. Let your head drop downwards.

Repeat this sequence 5 times.

Vary the types of stretches in order to stretch the muscles which have been used most during your swim. Stretch for at least 5 minutes following each session. Over to you!

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