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Learn some swimming workouts for to improve your leg kicks and get a faster front crawl!

These swimming drills will help you improve your leg movements for a more efficient front crawl

Strong legs and a good kicking technique are the foundation of a powerful front crawl swim.

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Front Crawl: Exercise for improving the kicking motions

In this video, you are going to learn an exercise called Crawl Polo

This video allows you to improve your kicking technique in front crawl while working on your balance and the force of your thrusts.

This exercise is done by adding two modifications to the normal front crawl technique: swimming while keeping your head out of the water, and kicking with the opposite leg to the arm you are using

Firstly, swimming while keeping your head out the water.

Start by swimming the "classic" front crawl, all the while keeping your head completely out of the water.

Keep your head a still as possible by avoiding moving from left to right or up and down.

Don't forget to breathe in and out regularly, despite the abdominal contraction that occurs with this position.

Just like a classic front crawl, make sure to keep your elbow above your hand when you bring your arm towards the front

Secondly, opposing your leg kicks and arm strokes

By holding your head out of the water, your body is unbalanced

In order to re-balance yourself, kick the opposite the to the arm you are moving

Good coordination will prevent you from tiring too quickly.

This exercise forces you to work on your kicking motions, it is difficult and tiring but great for perfecting the front crawl technique

Do 25 metres of this exercise and repeat it several times.

So that you don't put tension on your neck and back, take a break of around 30 seconds between each length.

To sum up, in order to do the Front crawl polo exercise, add these two modifications to the classic front crawl: keep your head out the water and kick your legs at the opposite time to the arms.

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