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How to do a Flip Turn When Swimming

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Learn how to do a flip turn when swimming the front crawl for a seamless transition between lengths!

The flip turn is a crucial for keep a good rhythm and pace whilst swimming front crawl

Flip turns are an advanced swimming technique but they can really help you have a more fluid swim.

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In this video, you will learn how to make a flip turn in front crawl, which is sometimes called a tumble turn

The flip turn is not mandatory, but it is a very practical technique which will allow you to keep your rhythm while swimming.

The tumble turn consists of five steps: the approach of the wall, the rotation, the thrust, the glide and resuming swimming.

First step: approaching the wall.

During the moment you are getting close to the wall, it is important to maintain a good speed.

Because the faster the swimmer arrives, the more efficient the flip turn is going to be.

The main difficulty is to judge what distance from the wall should you start the flip turn.

You can help yourself using visual landmarks such as the "T" at the bottom of the pool which indicate that you have two metres left before reaching the wall.

To train yourself well, do several flip turns without a wall, and then get closer to the wall little by little so that you can find the right distance for you

Second step: the rotation.

It is your head that will initiate the entire movement.

Bring your chin to your chest, and curl your body into itself by bending your legs.

Keep your arms held straight along the sides of your body, your hands at the level of your thighs.

While your feet and calves pass above the water surface, bring your arms forward and extend them over your head.

The rotation is finished once both of your feet touch the wall.

Thirdly: pushing off the wall.

Taking support on your two feet, push your legs with force, to propel yourself.

Be careful to stay parallel to the pool's bottom , that is, not to push off at angle, towards the bottom or the surface of the pool, as this would slow you down.

Fourth step: the glide

During this phase , complete the rotation of your body to return to your original position , that is, on the stomach.

Keep arms outstretched forward and do not look up , in order to avoid slowing down.

Fifth step: Resuming swimming

While your speed starts falling, go back towards the surface by kicking your legs.

Once you are at the surface, start your arm movements again.

The secret to mastering the flip turn is practice, so don't stop trying!

Remember these 5 steps: approaching the wall, the rotation, pushing off, the glide and resuming swimming.

Over to you!


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