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How to Breathe While Swimming

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Here you'll learn how to breathe correctly while swimming the front crawl.

This online tutorial will teach you how to master the breathing technique required to swim front crawl

When swimming the front crawl, your face is permanently underwater so it's important to master the correct breathing action to allow you to maintain a good pace and swimming action!

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FRONT CRAWL: LEARN The breathing technique

In this video, you will learn the breathing technique for front crawl.

This learning process is vital so as not to not disrupt your balance and the effeciency of your movements.

In order to achieve this technique correctly, you have to be comfortable with the rotation of the body which goes with the forward propulsion created by the arms

Breathing while doing front crawl can be broken into two steps: the rotation and then returning to the original position.

Firstly: the rotation.

In order to inhale air, keep your ear against the arm that is outstretched , and rotate your body naturally with this movement.

Inhaling happens to the side rather than to the front, so that you can maintain your speed.

Slowly turn your head and inhale through the mouth, keeping half of your face submerged.

Then put your face back in the water.

Secondly, returning to the original position.

Once in the water, exhale all your breath through your nose, mouth or both.

Reposition your head so that you face the bottom of the pool, and keep it there while extending your body.

If your head is slightly raised, the lower part of your body will tend to sink , which in turn will slow down.

Apart from when inhaling, your head has to stay perfectly still, despite the rotation of your body.

In general, beginners will take a breath every 2 strokes, or arm movements, and more experienced swimmers will breathe every 3 strokes

In this case, you would change which side you breathe from each time.

To sum up, in front crawl, breathing has 2 steps: rotation and returning to the original position.

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