In this educational video program you will discover techniques and exercises to help you learn how to swim the front crawl. The key objective of the 11 videos in this program is to inspire more people to try out this essential swimming technique. It also contains useful swimming exercises which swimmers can use to improve their front crawl swimming techniques. The front crawl is one of the of most widely-practiced swimming strokes, and learning how to swim is a fundamental skill that everyone should have. This program was created thanks to the support of Decathlon, SIKANA's partner for the Sports topic, as well as Pierrick le Floch, whose expert advice as a professional swimming coach was invaluable. The front crawl program has been split into the following chapters: How to Warm Up Before Swimming; The Basic Techniques; Drills to Improve your Front Crawl; Stretching After a Swim. Knowing how to swim could be potentially life-saving, but it’s also a great sport to learn because of the many benefits in terms of fitness and wellbeing that it can bring about. It’s an excellent cardiovascular sport that works out the entire body in one go, and is low impact on joints, - making it unrivalled as a sport you can use to recover from injury. Follow the videos and try them out for yourself. Over to you!

What you are going to learn

  • 1

    How to Warm Up Before Swimming

  • 2

    Swimming Techniques of the Front Crawl

  • 3

    Improve your Front Crawl Swimming Technique

  • 4

    Stretching After Swimming

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