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Swimming Training: Better Leg Movement

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Learn some pro tips for better leg strokes when swimming backstroke

This is a great video for anyone hoping to work on their backstroke technique

Carefree - Gilles B -
Coconut water - Gilles B -
Voice-over by volunteer: Carrie Briffett

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In this video, you will learn how to improve your backstroke kicking technique. This action can be difficult to master, but with some practise, it will improve your speed and performance

For this exercise, you will need a pair of flippers.

We will show you two exercises which improve your kicking technique: One exercise where your arms are positioned vertically, which helps develop the effectiveness of your kicking and another exercise with your legs in a standing position, which will help you understand which muscles need to be used when you kick.

Firstly, the vertical arm movements. Lay down on your back in the water, keeping your body straight and horizontal, your arms held out vertically upwards and the flippers on your feet.

Make continuous movements with your legs. Perform a stroke with your right arm while keeping the left arm vertical.

Continue to kick and then perform a stroke with your left arm, keeping your right arm straight up in the vertical position.

Repeat these actions along the entire length of the pool, alternating arms.

You will need to use strong, accentuated kicks in order to keep your face out of the water

This exercise works your leg and ankle muscles, which compensate for the lack of propulsion provided by the arms.

Now our second exercise: place yourself in a standing position in the pool with your body held straight and flippers on your feet.

Cross your arms across your chest and kick your legs continuously to keep your head above water.

Without the use of your arms to stay afloat, it is very important to make efficient leg movements.

Whip your ankles but try not to bend your knees too much. The kicking should come from your hips, not your knees.

This exercise allow you to work on your hip movements and the flexibility of your ankles.

In order to develop the efficiency of your leg movements during the backstroke, you can train with your arms held vertically or with your legs in a standing position. Now it's your turn to give it a try!


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