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Swimming Technique: Head Position

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In this video, you'll learn how to correctly position your head when swimming the backstroke

Keep going with the videos, the next one breaks down the arm movements of the backstroke swimming stroke

Getting the position of your head right is essential for an essential backstroke swimming technique.

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In this video, you will learn how to improve the positioning of your head while doing the backstroke. Swimming on your back requires that your head be kept perfectly straight and in line with your body in order to improve speed and avoid injury.

We will show you an exercise in two parts which will help you learn how to correctly position your head: rotating the shoulders without using your arms, then rotation with one arm.

Let's start with rotating the shoulders without using your arms, which teaches you to align your head correctly with your body.

Move onto your back, keeping your body completely horizontal.

Your head must be completely in line with your body. Keep your fixed straight up to ensure that your head is completely horizontal,

Start by doing some gentle kicks..

Rotate your shoulders, bringing the shoulder out of the water with each movement.

Keeping your head completely straight allows the rotation to be done in line with your body, rather than from side to side.

Next, the shoulder rotation with one arm.

The aim of this exercise is to make your arm movements somewhat independent in order to work on the positioning of the head during the push phase.

Keep your body horizontal and your head completely straight and in line with your body.

Continue to kick with your legs.

Rotate your shoulders, this time with a complete arm movement.

Do these movements one arm at a time.

Start with your right arm. Bring your right shoulder out of the water and your right arm forward, keeping your head perfectly straight.

Push with your right arm under the water and bring your left shoulder out out of the water. Keep your head straight and in line with your body.

Repeat the exercise with your other arm.

Keeping your head straight helps propel your body forward, maintaining the line of your body while it pivots.

To learn how to keep your head straight and aligned with your body while doing the backstroke, train first by doing shoulder rotations without using your arms, then by, moving one arm at a time.

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