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Swimming: Basic Technique

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Learn the basic technique needed in order to swim the backstroke.

This is the first video in a short series on learning to swim the backstroke.

Swimming is a great sport to stay fit without putting strain on your joints. Try out our other free backstroke videos.

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Voice-over by volunteer: Carrie Briffett

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In this video, you will learn the basic technique for the backstroke. As the name suggests, you swim on your back while doing the backstroke. It is popular with beginners as you keep your face out of the water at all times, which makes breathing easier.

We are going to show you the arm movements, the position of the head and the kicks you use in the backstroke

First of all, let's look at the arm movements. Move onto your back with your arms and legs extended, in line with your body.

One after the other, bring each arm towards the back of the swimming pool, under the water, then place the arm behind you making the return movement outside the water.

Your arms are always in opposite positions. When you push underwater with one arm, bring the other arm back again above the water.

Next, the position of the head. As you pivot side-to-side with each arm movement, keep your head still and in line with your body.

Thirdly , the kicks. Kicking your legs helps keep your body at the surface of the water and as horizontal as possible throughout the entire swim.

Kick your legs, alternating the kicks one leg after the other.

The movement should come from the hips, not the knees.

Try to keep your feet under water as much as possible.

When you do the backstroke, you cannot see where you are going. If you are at an indoor swimming pool, pick a point on the ceiling which will tell you when to turn and stop you hitting the edge of the pool.

You now know the basic movements used to do the backstroke. Watch our videos to work on these techniques, they will help you improve your arm movements, the position of your head, the kicks, and teach you how to do a backstroke flip turn.


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