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Swimming Techniques: Better Arm Movements 1

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Learn some handy drills to imrpove your arm movements when swimming backstroke

This video is for anyone wanting to imrpove their backstroke swimming technique

Carefree - Gilles B -
Coconut water - Gilles B -
Voice-over by volunteer: Carrie Briffett

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A_Shahrokh - Sikana
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In this video, you will learn a few exercises to help you improve your arm movements in backstroke. This stroke is based on the thrust generated by arm movements, and it is important to master these movements well so that you can swim quickly and without any risk of injury.

For this exercise, you will need a pull buoy.



We will show you 2 exercises that allow you to improve your arm movements in backstroke: arm synchronisation and the traction phase.

First exercise: arm synchronisation. Position one of your arms along the side of your body and the other behind your head.

Count 6 leg kicks and then inverse the position of your arms while pushing hard with the arm that is underwater. The point of this is to coordinate the movement of your two arms.

Second exercise: the efficiency of the traction phase. The traction phase is the phase during which you push against the water with your arm to move forward. Perform this exercise with both arms simultaneously.

Place a pull buoy between your legs and do not kick so that you can concentrate on your arms.

Between each traction phase, make sure to lie down properly and to keep your body straight so that you make the most of the propulsion.

Attempt to do one pool length with the fewest arms movements possible.




In order to master these arm movements during backstroke, work on the synchronisation of your arms and the traction phase. It's now up to you to give it a go!


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