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Swimming Techniques: Improve your Leg Kicks

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Learn how to improve your leg strokes for a better backstroke technique

This video is for anyone looking to improve their backstroke swimming technique

A powerful and efficient leg kick technique is key to a powerful backstroke swimming stroke. Watch the video so you can nail it.

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Voice-over by volunteer: Carrie Briffett

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A_Shahrokh - Sikana
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In this video, you will learn how to improve your leg movements during the backstroke. Efficient movements allow for a well balanced horizontal position in the water and facilitate propulsion.

You will need a kick-board and a pair of flippers.

In order to learn to improve your leg movements, we will present you with an exercise in two segments: first with the kick-board to learn how to not excessively bend your knees, then with the flippers so that you can develop the flexibility of your ankles.

Firstly: with the kick-board. Lie on your back in the water, with your body held straight and horizontal.

Hold your arms parallel to your body, keeping the board above your knees at the water's surface.

Kick your feet lightly in a way that doesn't lift the board up.

By bending your knees less, you'll avoid injury. Your movements will also be more efficient because they will come from your hip rather than your knees.

Secondly: with the flippers. Lie on your back in the water with your body straight and horizontal, with the flippers on your feet.

Hold a board with both of your hands behind your head.

Point your feet slightly inwards. Kick with your flippers.

Kick your feet towards the surface by moving your ankles, without taking them out of the water.

Do this exercise across several lengths.

This exercise allows you to develop flexibility in your ankles, which are essential for increasing the efficiency of your movements.

In order to practice these movements well, do one exercise after the other: two lengths with the flippers then two lengths with the board.

In order to improve your leg movements during backstroke, remember to not fold your knees excessively and to work your ankles well. Give it a go!


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