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Swimming Techniques: Arm Movements

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Learn the arm movements you'll need for a great backstroke technique

This program is designed for new swimmers looking to improve their backstroke technique

Entry of the arms and hands into the water when swimming backstroke can be tricky so practice well to really master it.

Carefree - Gilles B -
Coconut water - Gilles B -
Voice-over by volunteer: Carrie Briffett

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Grainnevitry - Sikana
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In this video, you will learn how to improve the arm movements you use during the backstroke. The backstroke swimming technique demands a lot from your arms so it is important know the correct movements to help avoid injury.

To describe the arm movement, we will break it down into two parts: what happens above the water, and what happens under the water.

Let's start with the part above the water.

Lie on your back, looking directly upwards so that your body is as horizontal as possible.

Start doing some gentle kicks.

Now start to rotate the shoulders.

Bring your arm and shoulder out of the water, your palm facing downwards and extend your arm as far as possible.

The hand must enter the water in line with the shoulder and as far back behind your head as possible.

Next, let's see what happens under the water. As soon as your arm enters the water, bend your elbow.

Immerse the shoulder of this same arm under the water. This slight imbalance of the body should not affect the position of your head which must remain completely straight and in a horizontal position as you continue to look straight up.

Bring your arm towards the surface in the direction of your legs. Speed up this movement towards the end, just before your arm leaves the water.

In order to improve your backstroke arm technique, abide by these two movements, both above the water and under the water. Over to you!


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