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How to Prepare in Case of a Tsunami

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Discover the first aid techniques one must employ in the event of a tsunami.

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It is important to be prepared in case a tsunami strikes. Learn how to protect yourself and your home in this short video.


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How to prepare in case of a Tsunami

In this video, you will learn how to prepare for a tsunami and what to do if one occurs.

If you notice a tremor or the sudden recession of the sea and you are on the beach or the coast, move to high ground either on foot or by car;

if you are at home, you have only a few minutes to get to safety.

Go rapidly inland to higher ground;

stay away from rivers that flow into the ocean, and from the beach and coast

wait until at least one hour has passed since the tsunami before returning home;

do not touch fallen power lines;

follow safety advice broadcast on the radio by authorities;

do not go to school to pick up your children; teachers are trained to deal with disaster situations.

If the authorities warn you that a tsunami is approaching, seek shelter in a safe place.

If you have to leave your home, unplug all household appliances and turn off the water and electricity at the mains.

Take any important documents with you.

Have your disaster kit and first aid kid ready.

Follow the instructions broadcast on the radio by the authorities.

Do not wait until the last minute when the evacuation order is given.

In all instances, follow the advice of the local authorities


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