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How to Prepare for a Heatwave

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Discover the instructions you should follow to stay safe in the event of a heatwave.

It's equally important to be prepared for cold weather. Find out how in our video "How to Prepare for a Cold Snap".

When the temperature rises, it's important to take appropriate measures to make sure you stay safe. Find out how in this short video.


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How to Prepare during a Heatwave

In this video, you are going to learn how to prepare during a heatwave

Should someone suffer heatstroke:

Alert the emergency services and follow their instructions

Transport the victim to a cool place

If possible, remove completely, or loosen their clothing

Sprinkle water over them or cover them with dampened clothing, including their head and neck in order to lower their body temperature

If the casualty is still conscious, give them some water to drink

If the casualty is not conscious but is still breathing normally, put them in the recovery position while awaiting the arrival of the emergency services

Here are the preventative measures you can take during periods of intense heat:

- Lower blinds and curtains, and close window shutters

If possible, ventilate, or even air-condition, at least one room

Keep the windows closed as long as the interior temperature is cooler than the temperature outside

Create air currents when the outdoor air temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature

Avoid going out during the hottest periods of the day, which are: between 11am-6pm

If it is not possible to cool down in your home, spend at least two hours per day in a cooler place such as public air-conditioned spaces

Avoid physical exericise

If you go out: take a bottle of water with you, cover your head, and wear protective sun cream

Take cool showers and baths at regular intervals throughout the day without drying yourself off

Drink regularly - at least 1.5 litres (50fl.oz.) per day

Do not consume any alcohol, coffee or overly sugary drinks

If you are in the company of elderly people, infants or young children, be particularly vigilant since heatstroke can take hold very quickly

In all instances, follow the advice of the local authorities.


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