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How to Prepare for a Forest Fire

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Discover how to stay safe before and during a forest fire with this simple tutorial video.

Forest fires often occur during heatwaves. Check out our video "How to prepare for a heatwave" to make sure you stay safe in hot weather.

This video is designed to show you everything you need to know to protect yourself in case of a forest fire.


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Tereza Pazderová - Sikana
Tereza Pazderová
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How to Prepare for a Forest Fire .

In this video, you will learn what to do in the event of a forest fire.

If you see that there is a fire about to break out:

Put out the fire if it is not too large and you are able to do so.

Call the fire department as quickly as you can.

In order to protect your house:

Open your driveway gate to facilitate access for emergency vehicles.

If the fire has not reached your home yet, sprinkle the surroundings of your house and any wooden objects with water.

Close any gas cylinders situated outside in order to prevent an explosion.

Do not evacuate the house until you get instructions from the fire department or local authorities.

If the fire is close to your home:

Stay inside your house.

Turn off the gas.

Close the shutters, doors and windows in order to block sources of draught.

Seal air inlets with wet cloth and sprinkle the inside doors and windows with water, so that they will resist the flames better.

Never leave your house during a fire, it is your only protection.

To obtain instructions from local authorities or the fire department, listen to the radio or television

If you live near a forest, here are some preventative measures:

Make sure all your family members know the evacuation routes and shelters near your home.

Prepare fire-fighting equipment: water sources inside and/or outside your house.

Obtain a sufficiently long hose and a fire extinguisher.

Remove and clear pieces of deadwood from your garden

Store flammable materials such as wood, fuel or butane away from the house.

If you are in a forest: do not light a fire, do not throw away cigarette ends and do not many any barbecues.

In all cases, follow the instructions of local authorities.


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