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How to Prepare in Case of a Terrorist Attack

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Stay safe in case of a terrorist attack by making sure you are well prepared.

To learn more about keeping yourself safe, take a look at the rest of our series on Major Disasters.

Make sure you know what to do in case you are caught up in a terrorist attack using this simple video.


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How to Prepare in Case of a Terrorist Attack

In this video you will learn how to act appropriately in case of a terrorist attack

If you hear the Civil Defense siren, or other public warning system, seek immediate shelter in an enclosed space.

Beware, a car is not a good hiding place! If you are in one, get out and enter the nearest building

Seal any gaps in all the doors, windows and vents with wet cloth or adhesive tape to stop the outside air from entering

Turn off any ventilation, air conditioning or central heating

Switch off the gas supply at the mains

Listen to national radio and follow their instructions.

Use your phone as little as possible to ease network congestion.

Do not light any flames, do not smoke and do not flick any switches as these could cause explosions.

Do not go to collect your children from school. The teachers, who have received special training for these situations, will look after them.

If you are caught up in a chemical attack, Protect your eyes, nose, mouth and other exposed areas with a damp cloth if possible

Get as far away as you can from the site of the attack, but without running, in order to keep your breathing and heart rate normal.

But do not go too far from the affected area so that you can receive treatment from emergency services who will be on their way.

do not use your phone as this may overload the telehpone network.

If a liquid or powder from an envelope or package has got on your person, put it in a plastic bag, being careful to touch it a little as possible

and seal the plastic bag in the most airtight way possible

Alert the authorities and follow their instructions

Switch off the ventilation system immediately.

Close all doors and evacuate the premises.

Take off your clothes. Put them in a plastic bag and seal it tight.

Wash the parts of your body that came into contact with the substance.

Do not drink, do not eat, do not smoke and do not touch anyone else.

Wait for the emergency services to arrive.

If you find yourself at the site of a terrorist attack, try to escape.

Get as far away as possible from danger and help those nearby

If you cannot escape, hide.

Lock yourself indoor

Switch off the lights and turn off any electric devices creating noise

Stay away from openings such as doors and windows and lie on the floor, or else seek shelter behind a wall or pillar.

Stop your phone from ringing or vibrating

Alert the police and listen to their directions. Approach them with your hands raised and palms showing.

In all instance, follow the instructions of the local authorities


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