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How to prepare for chemical hazards

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Learn which steps to take to prepare yourself and your home against chemical hazards.

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If you live in an industrial area where there is a high risk of chemical hazards, it's important that you are sufficiently prepared against the risks. This video will take you through everything you need to know to stay safe.


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In this video you'll learn the different safety instructions to follow in case of a chemical hazard.

The chemical hazard can be caused by an industrial accident, the transportation of hazardous products or a malicious act.

If you live in an industrial area where there is a risk of chemical hazards occurring:

Get information from the authorities as to the safety procedures to follow in case of an accident.

Keep a first aid kit and a major disaster kit at home.

Regurlaly check the battery of your radio.

If you hear a warning siren alert or an explosion, if it becomes suddenly difficult to breathe or you notice a strong chemical smell:

Lock yourself in the closest building, do not stay outside nor in a vehicle.

Listen to the radio to get updated on the instructions and wait for the authorities' signal that it is safe to go outside before doing so

Block the air inlets with wet cloths or, failing that, adhesive tape.

Stop any ventilation or air conditioning, to prevent toxic vapours from getting inside.

Keep away from doors and windows to protect yourself from a possible explosion.

Do not smoke. Avoid any flame or spark to prevent the risk of explosion.

Wash if your skin gets irritated, and change clothes if you think you have been in contact with toxic products.

In case of respiratory difficulties, cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth

Don't go and fetch your children at school: such establishments will already have safety protocols in place for such events

Do not make phonecalls so as not to congest telephone networks for the emergency services.


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