How to Wire a Switch

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In this video you will learn how to connect a simple switch.

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It's one of the basics in circuitry and can set you on your way to becoming an electrician

Translated by Anne Duthoit

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In this video, you will learn how to connect a simple switch.

The switch will make it possible to turn on the power for a lightbulb at a distance.

Before any electrical intervention, please turn off the power for the network concerned.

To connect a simple switch, you will need the switch of your choice, mounted on the wall with a fixed base or an embedded base, 4 screws and 4 wall plugs, a drill, a hammer, a pencil, a flat-headed screwdriver and a wire stripper.

This operation will vary depending on whether you have a mounted switch base or an embedded switch base. We will provide the steps for each of these operations.


Separate the various elements of the switch.

Remove the pre-cut piece of plastic to form a hole for the electrical wires to pass through.

Put the base of the switch up against the wall at the site where it is to be installed.

Mark the location of the 4 screws with the pencil.

Using the drill, drill 4 holes at the marked spots.

Insert the four wall plugs.

Fix the base by using the 4 screws.

Then follow the steps for the embedded switch base.


Remove the switch casing.

At the spot where you are installing the switch you will find two phase wires. Strip the plastic covering off the ends of these wires.

Strip the plastic covering off the ends of these wires.

Place the end of the first stripped wire in the first terminal of the switch marked L by clipping it in.

Place the end of the second wire in one of the other terminals of the switch by clipping it in.

If there is a screw mechanism, unscrew it, place the wire in the hole provided for it and tighten the screw. Verify that the wires are screwed in tight by pulling on them.

Push the switch into the casing provided for it.

Tip: Fold the conductors so that they do not hinder putting the ensemble together.

Put the casing back on the switch.

You now know how to connect a simple switch.

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