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Watch the making-of our program Electricity for Everyone filmed with Electriciens Sans Frontièes (Electricians Without Borders)

Find the full program all about the basics of electricity right here:

ESF work to train electricians and teach people about electricity and how to get the best out of it safely, all over the world.

Translated by Anne Duthoit

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I was coming to point in my life where I had a little extra free time, I wanted to spend it in a useful way - rather than just sitting around doing nothing. And I wanted to contribute to some sort of collective action which favoured countries whose inhabitants were the most in need of help.

For a start, turning practical knowledge into pictures…I think that’s pretty important. It’s now a well-recognised form of expression. Even for myself, when I don’t know how to do something, I tend to look to see if I can’t find a video explaining the topic.

It was pretty surprising…to have to do something without talking…it’s not easy laughs

Firstly, it allows you to work in a team, secondly, it allows you to get an insight into another career sector, it gives you the chance to meet new people, and to broaden your horizons…and from time to time, to even have a bit of fun.

Well, I learned, in terms of communication, and in particular, of audio-visual communication – how we can create a well-constructed shot, in order to impart knowledge.

For ESF, it’s true that we need video support, because all of our missions have a specific training to go with them.

In francophone countries we get by alright, but then again we don’t operate exclusively in French-speaking countries.

Knowledge is indispensable. It’s the foundation of all civilisation. And I think, furthermore, that we share it more effectively with the use of image and film.

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