How to Prepare a Worksite for Electrical Work

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Here you will learn how to prepare a worksite for electrical work to ensure it is kept safe and clean.

For more information on some of the electrical safety measures outlined in this video, check out our tutorial "How to Check that the Power is Off".

It's essential to put safety first when working with electricity, so watch this video carefully and adopt the good practices shown to ensure the power is cut and the work area is protected.

Translated by Anne Duthoit

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In this video, you will learn how to prepare a worksite for electrical work.

Electrical work requires meticulous preparation and compliance with safety regulations to ensure the safety of the people involved.

For your safety, please protect yourself by using safety glasses, gloves, and where necessary, a construction helmet.

To prepare the worksite, you will need a Voltage detector, a protective tarpaulin sheet and masking tape.

This preparation requires2 steps, which we will explain.


Before beginning, please turn off the power at the mains to the network concerned. To make sure there is no voltage, use the Voltage detector.

To learn more about using a Voltage detector, please watch the video “How to verify that there is no voltage”.


Identify the areas to be protected from the electrical work. They may include walls, painted areas, floors or tiling.

To protect these areas, use the tarpaulin and the masking tape.

TIP: Prior to drilling a hole in the wall, make sure that you will not damage any embedded piping or sheathing. To do so, use a voltage detector and a humidity detector.

You now know how to prepare a worksite for electrical work.

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