How to Bury a Cable

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In this video you'll discover how to bury a cable safely and effectively as part of your electrical works.

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With this simple tutorial, you will learn the three steps you need to know to bury a cable: choosing the cable, cutting the groove and then closing up the trough.

Translated by Anne Duthoit

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In this video, you will learn how to bury a cable.

Buried electrical conduits can be used for example for supplying power to auxiliary buildings or outdoor lighting systems.

Before any electrical intervention, please turn off the power for the network concerned.

To bury a cable, you will need some cable, a conduit or trough, a shovel, a tape measure, a can of spray paint and colored wire mesh.

This operation is carried out in 3 steps, which we will explain.


Choosing the right cable is a very important step as it will save you from overheating or breakdowns.

To choose it correctly, please watch the video "How to choose conductors and insulation".


Trace the path with spray paint. You can also use a straight stick on the ground.

Dig a hole in the ground with the shovel.

Please note: If you come across any colored wire mesh, this indicates a conduit is already present. Avoid this location.

Verify the width and length of the trough with the tape measure. To compensate for any settling in the ground, conduits should be buried at least 50 cm deep for inaccessible areas and 85cm deep for areas that are accessible to cars. The length must be slightly longer than the cable.

Prior to putting the cable in the bottom of the trough, run the cable through its protective casing.

Put the cable in its casing at the bottom of the trough and cover it with dirt over 10 cm deep.


Unroll the colored wire mesh to ensure that any future workers do not work near the active power cable. This will ensure that the cable is not damaged during future earthworks.

Cover it so that it reaches its initial surface level.

You now know how to bury a cable.

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