Ground Connection: How to Install a Ground Rod

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In this beginner-friendly video, you will learn how to install a ground rod safely and effectively in your home.

Keep watching for the next video in this three-part tutorial, The Ground Connection Part 2- Connect to an Electrical Panel

Learn to prepare and install a ground rod, install an isolating strip, and then connect both elements by watching this short video.

Translated by Anne Duthoit

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In this video, you will learn how to install a ground rod.

The ground wire makes it possible to dispose of default currents, in other words when metallic masses accidentally become live.

Before this electrical intervention, please turn off the power for the network concerned, In this case, please turn off the general power supply.

To install the ground rod you will need a mallet, a pencil, a cutter, a spirit level, a hammer, a shovel, a set of screwdrivers, a drill, a wire cutter, a socket wrench (socket spanner), a fork wrench, 16 mm2 grounding wires, an isolating strip, a ground rod and a flexible hose shaft.

This installation is carried out in 5 steps, which we will explain.

STEP 1: Prepare the installation

30cm above the floor, find the site for the isolating strip and mounting brackets.

Mark out the trench location.

Determine the site for the ground rod in its length.

Dig a trench that is several dozen centimeters deep.


Hammer the rod into the ground with the mallet.

The center of the ground connection must be about one meter deep. Only the head of the ground rod should be visible at the surface.


The isolating strip isolates the internal ground system from the external ground system.

Drill holes at the sites you have marked.

Place the screw anchors for the strip and the mounting bracket.

Screw in the mounting bracket.

Screw in the strip.


Position the sheath between the strip and the rod to measure it.

Cut the sheath to the correct measurement.

Insert the ground wire into the sheath.

Unscrew the lower terminal of the strip with the socket wrench.

Put the bare conductor into place and screw it back in.

Position the sheath in the bracket and tighten the bracket.

Cut the necessary length of the conductor to adjust it to the sheath.

Unscrew the clamp ring of the ground rod. Put the stripped conductor in and tighten it.

Use a wrench to tighten it as much as possible.

Fill in the trench.


To connect the isolating strip to the electrical panel in the system, drill a hole above the strip.

Unscrew the higher terminal of the strip.

Put the green and yellow ground wire into position.

Put the stripped end of the ground wire into the higher terminal of the strip.

Screw the terminal back in.

For the second part of this operation, please watch the video "Ground connection, part 2: How to connect an electrical panel".

Get a certified organization to verify the ground rod system.

The system’s ground resistance should not exceed 30 Ohms.

You now know how to install a ground rod.

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