How to Connect an Outlet to a Power Supply

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Learn how to Connect an outlet to a power supply in this free video tutorial

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In this video, you will learn how to connect an outlet, to a power supply.

The outlet, also known as a plug or power socket, distributes electrical current. It receives information in the form of signals from electrical appliances.

Prior to any intervention, please turn off the current for the network concerned.

To connect an outlet, you will need the outlet of your choice, mounted with the base to be fixed to the wall or moulded into it, 4 wall plugs, 4 screws, a drill, a pencil, a flat-headed screwdriver, a wire stripper and a hammer.

This operation will vary depending on which of the two situations you are in: in the first the outlet is mounted with the base to be fixed to the wall, and in the second the outlet will be embedded into the wall.


Take the casing apart.

Separate the pre-cut plastic piece to form a hole for the electrical wires to pass through.

Hold the base up to the wall at the site where it is to be mounted, running the conductors through this hole.

Mark the site for the 4 screws with the pencil.

Using the drill, drill 4 holes in the places you have marked.

Insert the 4 wall plugs.

Set the base onto the wall after running the conductors through the hole in the base. Attach the base with the 4 screws.

Then follow the steps below for an embedded outlet.


Take the casing apart.

Unscrew the three screws located at the center of the outlet.

At the site where you will install the outlet, you will find three electrical wires. Strip the ends of these three conductors.

On the back side of the outlet, place the end of the green/yellow wire, i.e. the ground wire, in the terminal located at the center of the outlet.

On the front side of the outlet, tighten the screw that corresponds to the ground wire you have just placed.

Place the end of the second electrical wire, the phase wire, which is usually red, in the terminal located to the right of the ground wire.

Tighten the corresponding screw, at the front of the outlet.

Place the end of the third wire, the neutral, which is blue, in the terminal located to the left of the ground wire.

Tighten the corresponding screw, at the front of the outlet.

Tip: If the contact terminals stick out a little, simply insert the conductor in the terminal by pushing on it.

Place the conductors in the casing carefully so that you don’t damage them.

Put the outlet in the embedded casing provided for it.

Screw the outlet into the wall.

Put the outer casing for the outlet back on.

You now know how to connect an outlet.

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