How to Connect a Light with Two Switches

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Learn how to Connect a lamp with two SPDT switches

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In this video, you will learn how to connect a lamp with two SPDT switches.

A SPDT switch circuit makes it possible to turn a lamp or any other electrical appliance on or off, from two switches, with each switch operating independently of the status of the other switch. The principle of this kind of set-up is recommended for rooms with two entrances.

Please note that this connection is made on a specific installation that has a provision for a SPDT switch with conductors that are the same color, which function as carrying wires.

Before any electrical intervention, please turn off the power for the network concerned.

To connect a lamp with two SPDT type switches, you will need a wire stripper, a screwdriver, a switch, a bulb socket, a light bulb and two SPDT type switches.

This installation is carried out in two steps, as we will explain.


At the site where you wish to install the switch, you will find three electrical wires.

Strip the plastic off the ends of these three conductors.

Take apart the various parts of the switch.

Place the end of the red phase wire in the red terminal of the switch. It is indicated by the letter L.

Place the end of the other two stripped wires in the terminals 1 and 2 of the switch.

These are the two conductors that function as carrying wires. They will make the liaison between the two switches.

Verify that the wires are attached tightly by pulling on them.

Put the switch into the casing.

Tighten the screws in the switch to attach it to the wall.

Replace the casing.

Repeat this operation for the second switch on the other side of the room.


All that is left to do is to connect the switches with the bulb socket.

To do so, please watch the video "How to connect a simple switch".

Screw in the light bulb.

To learn more about the installation of a light bulb, please watch the video "How to replace a lightbulb ".

You now know how to connect a lamp with two SPDT switches.

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